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 LONGBOARD Madrid LEGENDS Maniac 39.25"

Freshly escaped from the psych ward and ready to raise hell on wheels, the Maniac is a symmetrical psychopath that doesn’t know its head from its tail. Complete with perfectly functional kicktails, rocker, mild W-concave, rigid flex, and either a drop-thru or top-mount design, this nutcase is set to go absolutely mental. This year, the Maniac comes wrapped in the new Legends graphic, paying homage to some of our favorite MCs. Pick up the Maniac, and be prepared to lose your mind.

Setup Options:

Maxed drop-thru complete with Paris Trucks, Cadillac High Rollers, Flypaper Griptape, & Cadillac Bearings

Disponible dans notre magasin: 6 rue Pierre Semard 75009 Paris